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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council National theme: One Heart, One Voice, One Mission Provincial theme: Joyfully Serving the Lord

Spiritual Development Communique #2 – Agnes Geiger – Nov. 9, 2016

Lord we are called to be peacemakers. To live in peace is not easy as there are so many forces in society that disturb the peace you desire for each one of us.” Taken from Humble Prayer by Vivian Bosch

Two important events are approaching: Remembrance Day on November 11 “We will remember” and Advent. “Advent is a season of paradoxes. It is a season of joy as well as a time of incompleteness and longing. It reaches back to the roots of our faith – the Old Testament and the promise of the coming of the Messiah. At the same time, it stretches us beyond the expected coming of Christ at the end of time. Even its colours draw us into its atmosphere of waiting and rejoicing. Green reminds us of the hope that is ours; rose fills us with joy; and purple calls us to repentance and a heartfelt preparation.”  

Week One: Take time this week not only to “say” prayers to God, but try to listen to His voice and what He would say to you. Become conscious of the sounds of nature – a bird singing, water falling against rocks, the wind in the trees….And listen, really listen – you may discover the quiet, whispered voice of the Spirit in the thoughts and words of someone you thought you knew.

Week Two: Take notice this week of the occasional moments of refreshment and rest that your body experiences – washing in the morning, sitting down to dinner, reclining in a comfortable chair in the evening. As you enjoy these moments, remember Him who gives rest to your soul, and take time to let Him give rest to your inner weariness and refreshment to your heart’s desire.

Week Three: Offer a moment of silence and the merit of a concrete act of loving service for the needs of all leaders this week. Our prayers and love support those whose burden it is to carry the needs of many. Be especially mindful and pray for world leaders who need wise and discerning hearts devoted to Truth.

Week Four: Live in joy this week, knowing that the kingdom of God and the presence of Jesus are truly near at hand. Show your Gospel joy by a smile, a kind action, or a greeting to someone in need of happiness and a touch of laughter. Thoughts taken from “Our Hearts Wait” by Joan Cole

Last night at our Tuesday evening Mass, our Parish Bereavement Committee had a Remembrance Ceremony for all the families who had had a funeral at our Parish this past year. Each name was sung out by the cantor and the families came forward to light a candle from the Paschal candle, on the candle stand, and to place flowers in vases. Members of the Bereavement Committee assisted the families and Fr. Krystian was a loving presence. Following the Mass, a reception was held for the families in the Parish Hall and one Prayer Shawl was presented. Such a beautiful ceremony to remember loved ones.

Yearly report time is here! I know that each Parish Council has a Spiritual Program of some sort at each meeting so I look forward to hearing that the BC & Yukon  Councils had 100% reporting for Spiritual Development.

My first Memo from National Chairperson of Spiritual Development, Jacqueline Nogier asks us to - Expand Your Prayer “Tool Belt” by attending the Holy Eucharist, praying the Rosary, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Stations of the Cross. Expand your prayer life through social media by going to Pope Francis website at clicktopray.org and a three minute daily retreat at loyolapress.com/our-catholic-faith/prayer/3-minute-retreats

“Pray today for justice – not for man’s justice but the justice of God. Pray especially for the poor and the powerless in our nation – all who hunger for unity, equality and peace!”


“Remembering you this Christmas and praying your celebration brings a heart full of joy as you remember God’s amazing love shown through His son, Jesus.”   

Have a wonderful Christmas and go out and share the message: Jesus Christ is born!  Blessings

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