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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Organization #3 Gisela Montague     Jan. 17, 2017

Welcome back to a brand new year to serve God and Canada as sisters of the League.  With a new year we have a new national theme – “Inspired by the Spirit – Women Respond to God’s Call.”  Using this theme you can find a colourful “2017 Membership Poster” on the national website www.cwl.ca  under Resources and then Promotional Material.  It is a good poster for a church vestibule. Our provincial theme is “Leading with Courage.”


Memberships are due January 1 and should be sent to national by February 28th, encourage your parish councils to use the online registration; the new reports from the parish level will indicate how many councils are using this system now.

In previous years it seems that we had many lapsed members, please make every attempt to personally contact these members, often it is just a case of “forgetting” to pay their dues. In my previous communiqué I had attached sample letters to lapsed members.  

Updated Diocesan Annual Report Forms

Congratulations to the parish councils for completing the online reporting!  I hope all had a good experience with the new system and that it made the reporting much more streamlined and less onerous.  This month the Diocesan Presidents should be receiving or have already received the compiled reports back from national.  With this communiqué you will find attachments of updated report forms for your diocesan executive and LM Liaison.   Do advise them to delete last year’s forms from their computers and use this updated version.  Please note the following due dates:

From: To: By:

Diocesan Chairpersons                     Diocesan President & Provincial Chairpersons                                15-Feb

Diocesan Life  Member Liaison        Provincial Life Member Liaison                                                           15-Feb

Diocesan President                            Provincial President                                                                                1-Mar

Provincial Chairpersons                     Provincial President & National Chairpersons                                  15-Mar

Provincial Life Member Liaison         National Life Member Liaison                                                             15-Mar

Provincial Presidents                          National President & National Office                                                  31-Mar

Welcome Kits for New Members

Welcome kits should be reviewed annually and I hope that every parish organization chairperson has one to give to new members.  A second attachment contains a CWL organization chart, it was first published in the Fall League Magazine on page 36.  It is also available on the national website.

Contents might include any or all of the following:

Welcome Letters (from National, Provincial and Parish Presidents)

Information about the League

Organization Chart (see attachment)

Membership Card

Parish Council Executive List

Calendar of Events

League Prayer Card or Bookmark

Brochures from National (Why am I a Member,...)

Copy of a recent parish council newsletter

Copy of The Canadian League (Collect a few past issues from members)

Information about any voluntary funds supported by the council e.g. COADY Institute, Development and Peace, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, Catholic Missions in Canada)

Once these kits have been distributed a follow-up visit or call would be a good idea.  This could be done by a Life Member or a past president.  New members could be gently asked to serve on a subcommittee of a standing chair of her interest. It would also be helpful to have a photo of the executive displayed in the church vestibule.


Celebrate your council members by presenting them with League Pins and Awards as a special occasion in their parishes for the good services given by them.  There is a ceremony for this in the Ceremonies Booklet, available from the national website.  Service Pins are now available in 5 year increments for any council wishing to present them.  The Pin Protocol states that “members may wear more than one pin at any given time.  Good taste and discretion on the part of the member should prevail.”  Other special pins or awards are:

Maple Leaf Service Pin

This pin is awarded to members who have served the League in an exceptional or meritorious manner.  Councils should have their own criteria for presenting this pin, suggested criteria could be that the member has served for a minimum length of 7 to 10 years and have performed specific outstanding League service on a one-time basis or over several years. The cost is $62.00 and applications are on the national website.

Bellelle Guerin Award

This award may be presented to members who do not qualify for life membership and have at least 25 years of service in the League of more than one level.  They must be exemplary members and be available and willing to continue to serve. The criteria can be found on pages 35 & 36 of the national Manual Policy & Procedure and the cost is $75.00, paid by the nominating council.

Certificate of Merit

This certificate is to recognize anyone, League member or not, Catholic or non-Catholic, male or female, who has aided the work of the council generally or with a specific project.  This certificate, bearing the League crest on a gold seal, is mailed to the council and the presenting council completes the details.

Provincial Convention

The diocese of Nelson is busy preparing for the provincial convention in Kelowna, taking place June 14 -18th at the Capri Hotel.  Diocesan presidents are reminded to book their own rooms along with their president-elect’s.  Encourage your members to apply for the “Subsidy to Attend a Provincial Convention” available on the BC & Yukon website www.bcyukoncwl.com . The provincial council will pay a subsidy of $250.00 for 12 participants, two from each diocese.  Criteria is listed on the website.  If you have difficulty in finding the correct application form please contact me, forms have to be sent to me by May 10th and the successful applicants will be notified by email within 12 days.

National Convention

Diocesan Presidents can find the application forms for the “Subsidy for a Diocesan President to Attend National Convention” in the BC & Yukon Policy & Procedure manual, due date is March 31st. The $1000.00 subsidy (for one time in the president’s term) covers accommodation, travel and/or food costs.  The national convention is August 6-9, 2017 in Charlottetown.

Since this is January, I can still wish you all a blessed and healthy new year.  May our Lady of Good Counsel watch over us as we continue the work of the League.

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