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Christian Family Life #3 – Susan Steiner - Jan. 17, 2017

Dear Sisters in the League

We are already nearly finished the first month in 2017. We had some cold weather at the beginning of January and it is now raining here and making it very icy. I would rather have colder weather and snow. Hope you all had a blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas. Now Lent is upon us.  

This Communique will be focused on the Youth, our future Church

World Youth Days—Pope Francis has announced that the next World Youth Days will take place in Panama City, Panama, Central America in 2019. Parish Councils can support their youth by encouraging them to make plans to attend. Parish Councils could consider sponsoring one or two youth to attend or become involved in the youth movement.

Resolution 2015.01—Increased Early Intervention and Access to Children and Youth Mental Health Services. This Resolution has been placed under Health and Education but I feel this resolution can also be dealt with under Christian Family Life. The lack of professional services contribute to suicide, the leading cause of non-accidental death among youth.  Please download this resolution from the National Website, study it, go to the Action Plan and let’s write some letters to the government. Action Plan 3 is a must also.

Marriage and Family—New Family Life Website- The website of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life is born (laityfamilylife.va) where members will find updates on social happenings and videos. This website is very new and will be evolving and growing with information as the Dicastery moves forward. It will become a place of listening and dialogue with Christian laity and families around the world. On the website under “Statutes”, Article 8 on the family states that ”the papal magisterium

promotes the pastoral care of the family; it oversees its dignity and good rooted in the sacrament of marriage; it supports the rights and responsibilities of the family in the church and in civil society, so that the institution of the family can better carry out its proper function in both the ecciesial and social setting.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel guide us as we work for God and Canada.

God Bless.


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