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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Provincial Past President Communique #4 – Pat Deppiesse   April 4, 2017

Dear Father Edwin and Sisters in the League,

It is election time for many of our councils, and several people have either called or Email’d me asking about the procedures for installing a new executive, or reaffirming an executive.  

When my Pastor, Father John Horgan was reviewing the installation ceremony for our parish council, he requested we discuss some changes, saying that the one provided by the League was quite lengthy, and actually incorrect liturgically in a couple of places, namely, the blessing with water and candles in the context of the Mass, and clapping in church.  He made some suggestions, which our council accepted and using them, found them very nice, and a lot smoother and easier than shuffling paper, candles, water, and pins!  We also think the parish appreciated the new length!  

It prompted me to work on a new ceremony for our use based on his suggestions, and which I have attached to this Communique.  We actually used it at our provincial installation last year.  You may wish to continue to use the one the national office has supplied, and this is entirely your own choice.  I discussed this with Margaret Ann Jacobs and Anne Gorman last year, prior to using it provincially.  By copy of this Email to Barb Dowding, our national past president, she may be interested in using it at the national level to replace the one currently in use, as several people I met at the national table were interested in receiving a copy of it.

I pray you all have successful elections, filling every position!  Love and blessings,


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