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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Provincial Past President Communique #3 – Pat Deppiesse March 26, 2017

Dear Father Edwin and sisters in the League, I don’t know about you, but I think the reports coming out of the new national on-line annual reporting system are absolutely wonderful!  I congratulate Victoria and Prince George with the highest participation in the reporting process, also Whitehorse, of course!

As I went through them, it came through loud and clear, that our job of past-president should more and more be that of encouraging the councils to celebrate their history through their archives, history books, photo albums, etc.  Therefore, this is a very “back to basics” Communique, in the hopes that over the summer you might work on those issues.

Archives – Each diocese is now storing all their own archival material and photos, they are not in the provincial archives any longer.  Many of our councils have tons of photo albums from the past and you should dig them out, culling duplicates, fuzzy photos, etc. and put names to photos, dates and events, which are missing in most cases.  We are also collecting discs from the present time.  We must find ways to compile our history so that it can be passed on to future generations.  One suggestion would be to contact an audio visual company to help put all photos onto discs, with written information included.  In this manner, you will easily facilitate a PowerPoint presentation at your meetings or significant anniversaries.

Diocesan Charters – in the annual report, I see that 89% of the parish councils know where their council charters are.  Do you have your original diocesan charter?  Do you have photocopies available?  I am attempting to get copies of diocesan charters to put in a new binder I am preparing, that will have information from the inception of each diocesan council.  If you can’t find your charter you could apply to the national office for a duplicate.

Provincial/Diocesan Presidents - I have worked hard to contact many people, to produce a listing of the provincial presidents since our inception and attach it for your information.  Do you have a list of all your diocesan presidents and their dates of service since the inception of your council?  If you send me a copy, this will be inserted in my new binder so it is always available even if yours gets lost or destroyed in some way.

Each provincial past-president is encouraged to write two or three pages outlining the

highlights of her term as president. There should be a photograph of her executive included, naming everyone.  This should also be done at the parish and diocesan level.

Policy & Procedures Manual (P&P) – In reviewing the annual reports, I see that only about 50% of our parish councils have a P&P.  I am currently putting together a team that will be involved in producing a template for a policy and procedure manual for parish councils that I hope will help to encourage those who don’t have one, to write one. I will share it with you soon.

In closing, I wish you all very successful conventions, and for those holding elections this year, I will pray you fill your slate of officers with energetic, enthusiastic and joyful new leaders and sisters in the League!

Love and blessings to all, looking forward to seeing you at the provincial convention!

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