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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Provincial Organization #4 – Gisela Montague    April 25, 2017

“The perfect response to God’s blessings has two parts: First be grateful; second, share your blessings with others.”  From Dynamic Catholic  

In the press release from February 18, 2017, Shari Guinta stated that “the national executive affirmed its commitment to planning for the future of the organization as it struck a steering committee tasked with developing a five–year strategic plan that will involve research and consultation over an 18-month period”.  We all know that our membership numbers have shown a downward trend, so I am looking forward to this strategic planning process that “will assess and affirm the organization’s core values, determine how to communicate those values in a compelling way and offer value and relevance to Catholic women in Canada going into the organization’s second century”.  In the meantime it seems that personal contact is still one of the best methods to invite new and lapsed members to the League, 95% used this initiative as stated in the annual report.

Bishop McGrattan reminds us in the Winter League Magazine that a renewed witness of the League must always begin at the parish council.  He states that “members are called to be more loving, faithful and joy-filled women who through humility and perseverance engage in work that promotes peace and goodness within their communities”. Reading the annual report shows that councils keep in touch with former members who may no longer be able to participate. All councils show the love and commitment, and the spirituality and sisterhood are truly present and appreciated in all councils. .Thank you to all who participated in the online reporting, of the 129 councils in BC & Yukon, 91 responded, I am hoping that we will have a 100% reporting next year.

Provincial Convention Subsidy 2017

Please remind all parish councils and your diocesan executive of the provincial subsidy to attend a provincial convention. This allows two members from each diocese to apply for a $250 subsidy to attend the provincial convention, June15-19 in Kelowna. Eligible applicants include one diocesan member who may or may not have attended a provincial convention before and one member (could be diocesan or parish) who has never attended a provincial convention.

When more than two applications are received, the subsidy committee will take into account the applicants’ present positions and experience in the League and/or their stated willingness to consider taking on a leadership role in the future.  If only two applications are received from a diocese they will be declared winners as long as they fit into either category.

The deadline date is May 10th and successful applicants will be notified within 12 days.  Those who have not received this subsidy in the past are eligible to apply. Cheques will be issued by the provincial treasurer at the provincial convention registration desk.

A summary of the convention attended must be completed on the report form of this application and be submitted to the current provincial organization chairperson with a copy submitted to the applicant’s parish or diocesan president within 30 days of convention.

The revised and updated form is attached to this communiqué; it can be obtained from the provincial website at: www.bcyukoncwl.ca under Forms.  

It is at conventions where we benefit from inspiring presentations and interaction with so many talented and loving League sisters.  To date I have received one application, so don’t miss this opportunity and fill out the form and send it to me. It would be best if you are able to scan it and email it rather than mailing it as I will be away from home.

Please destroy the old forms because the dates no longer apply.

A friendly reminder in case you have not done so yet to update your National Manual of Policy and Procedure from April 18, 2017.

When you register for the national convention in Charlottetown please remember to mark the box if you are planning to attend the BC Dinner.  This will be an exciting convention celebrating the 150 years of Canada.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel be our intercessor as we prepare for fruitful conventions,


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