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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council


Communications Communique #3 – Laura Esposito  May 28, 2017

Dear Sisters in the League

Spring and fine weather lately have been abounding.  I especially love the cherry blossoms that are in full bloom showing their beautiful pink splendour and reminding me of all the bright long days and nights which we will truly enjoy in the north for some time to come.  I hope you enjoy the beautiful weather in the area of the province where you reside.  

The League Magazine – I hope all members read their League Magazine from cover to cover.  It is full of wonderful articles outlining what is currently happening in many areas of the work we do.  It also celebrates milestones in members’ and councils’ lives.

The Spring Communicator has recently been completed.  I apologize for its delay and hope that you enjoy the articles that had been submitted.  The next issue of the Communicator, the Fall Issue will be coming in early November 2017.  The deadline for submissions is October 20, 2017 and the theme for this issue is “The Spirit’s Inspiration”.  I look forward to the articles you send to me for inclusion into it.

 The issue of pornography should be of concern to all members and all councils.  Each council is invited to participate in the Pornography Hurts Campaign by downloading the postcards from the National website to send to local, provincial and federal politicians.  Send the postcards to as many members of the legislature and parliament as possible so that our voices are heard by the multitude. Any member can download and make use of the postcard.  You are also encouraged to write letters.  A handwritten letter, which is short, to the point and in your own handwriting, speaks volumes to our politicians and counts for much more than one email or a form letter which is sent.  When someone takes the time to handwrite the letter, the politicians view it as the point of view of many of their constituents which they do not hear from.  Not everyone takes the time to write in, but, the majority of people do have an opinion, which is sometimes not stated verbally to them.  

 Inform members of the harmful effects of pornography.  Check out Fight the New Drug (fightthenewdrug.org), an organization out of the United States that informs the public about the issue.  You can obtain the documentary Over 18 and show it in your parish or diocesan councils, and have a discussion about it.  The documentary “sheds light on how kids and youth are being affected by today’s porn industry.” You may not know it, but young people, particularly boys, are viewing pornography as young as eight years of age!  The images are harmful effects on these young males and distort their sexuality and contribute to violence against women.  The porn industry also supports human trafficking, particularly with women and children.

Conventions! Conventions! I hope to see many of you at the Provincial Convention June 15 – 17, 2017 in Kelowna BC.  It promises to be full of inspiration, spirituality and even a promise that Elvis might visit in his pj’s??!! along with his Teddy bear??!!

The National Convention will be held in Charlottetown August 6 – 10, 2017 and also will bring inspiration, entertainment, new friendships and spirituality.  I hope many of you will be able to personally greet me as we see each other there.  If you cannot make it there, arrangements for live streaming have been made again, and you are invited to get members together and have a mini convention viewing.  Imagine sitting in your parish hall or meeting room, or even someone’s living room and watching and listening to speakers/presenters and national executive members as they speak!  Get a computer, visit cwl.ca.  There will also be a daily report from guest journalist Cecile Miller life member from Nova Scotia.  Salt and Light TV will also be in attendance taking footage of the convention.  There will be follow up reporting and footage on its website saltandlighttv.org and on the League’s website as well.

 Remember that Communications can take many forms.  It is not only when we use words that we communicate, but also in the smiles, the looks given, the actions we do, the gestures we make. What do our gestures and actions tell others about how we incorporate Jesus’ message on Earth?  Are we welcoming the stranger?  Are we Jesus’ feet, hands, eyes and ears and mouth on Earth?  Are we a catalyst inviting others to come and know and follow Jesus? Can we be that catalyst and use words only if absolutely necessary?

Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us.  

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