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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Communications Oral Report to the 2017 Provincial Convention – Laura Esposito


 In the past while, I have carried out the duties of the communications chair – receiving and editing communiques and sending them for publication on the website, writing many letters to MLA’s and MP’s.  I have edited minutes of meetings both at the provincial and diocesan levels, worked on the provincial website and recently completed the Spring Communicator.  It was sent out in early June.  As past diocesan president, I completed all the duties necessary to ensure a smooth election process at the Prince George Diocesan convention in late April.

 Because of the frenzied pace of my life and a variety of family circumstances for a few months, I was delayed in completing some of the work of this committee and I apologize profusely.  Thank you to those who helped me.  You know who you are and publicly I say Mille Grazie.  In the League we are fortunate to have so many sisters who understand.  Now, I would like to focus on the following.

 Communications takes many forms.  It can be a sole person standing by a hospital advocating for no abortions; the person who sits at the bedside of a loved one who is seriously ill or dying; the smile you give a stranger (no words exchanged); the hands of someone in silent prayer; the mother comforting her sick baby, even though she is dead tired herself; the groups helping refugees through smiles and gestures of comfort exchanged – no words spoken; the contemplation of a beautiful scene in nature which awes and inspires us; listening to a piece of music which reaches our heart and soul.  

 These are only a few ways we communicate where NO WORDS ARE NEEDED.

Being Italian, I don’t know what it means to use my hands in gestures and make myself understood.  Oh no!  Not me!  Yeah right!

 When was the last time you spent a considerable amount of time in silence – an hour – a day?  What and how did it make you feel?  What did it inspire you to do?

 In our frenzied world of go, go, go at speeds that a few years ago were unheard of, we need to slow down so we can listen, so we can breathe, so we can experience the beauty around us and properly give thanks for these many blessings.

 It is in the quiet moments that we truly hear God’s voice.  What is he trying to tell you and I?   What is his request for us today?  How will you slow down so that His will, not yours be done?  How will you communicate to others, without words, that we are carrying out Jesus’ work on Earth?  Will others truly see Jesus in our actions?  Will they want to follow what we do because it brings Jesus closer to them?  Will you, through looks, gestures and actions be a catalyst inviting others to come and know and follow Jesus?  Can you do this and use words only if absolutely necessary?  Can I?

This concludes my report

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