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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Community Life Oral Report to the 2017 Provincial Convention – Sharon Ciebin


During Lent, Pope Francis asked us to fast from our indifference toward others.  Do you ever wonder if your life reflects indifference?  I did prior to becoming active in the League.  

We know to show LOVE we need to take action.  Community Life asks each of us to love our neighbour by ensuring every human is treated with dignity and respect, and receives love and justice both at home and abroad.  

 Today, I want to highlight a few areas for your education or action.  I will not speak about Refugees as we will have a presentation tomorrow.  

The Prison Ministry is one area where the help of the CWL is urgently requested.  I was amazed to learn that rosaries are being made to hand out to homeless people by prisoners.  There is also a great need for people to work with people once released from jail.  You are needed all over the Province and Yukon.    My Jan. 10th communique contains a full report.    

Canada recently created a new law to protect the prostituted and many times trafficked people called the Protection of Communities & Exploited Persons Act.  The effectiveness of this law is up for review soon so we on the Anti Human Trafficking Committee in the Archdiocese of Vancouver have been busy educating the public that Buying Sex is a Crime on billboards and transit shelters.  In October Valiant Richey, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney from Seattle will educate the public, law enforcement officers and politicians on why we need to enforce our law, which is currently not being done in the Greater Vancouver area.  Is this law being enforced in your area?  Valiant’s talk will be taped and upon request I can forward you a copy.  Our website is thetraffickedhuman.org.  

Recently, I represented you at a meeting at the City of Vancouver, where a plan of action for The National Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Inquiry was created.  The inquiry is finally expected to begin interviews in September.    Once we have the meeting schedule I will be reaching out to councils for your assistance.  

Ladies, I urge each of you to find a cause that speaks to your heart in your community, bring it to your council, and take ACTION.  

I have chosen to serve on the board of Talitha Koum Society where we provide homes and programming for women with their children, from all across Canada, suffering from addictions.  It is here that I experience the suffering face of Christ as I witness the strength and courage of these women as they become valued productive members of society.   

I look forward to receiving 100% of your council’s annual reports next year.    My report on the acts of mercy performed by 53% of our Councils, is on page 35 of the convention book.  

This concludes my report

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