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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Kamloops Diocesan President Oral Report to 2017 Provincial Convention – Dorothy Hruby

Our Kamloops Diocese has been a very busy diocese.  Our annual convention was in April in Kamloops where we celebrated our 70th anniversary and honoured our past Diocesan CWL Presidents and Spiritual Advisors.   Gisela Montague represented the Provincial executive and presented the workshop called HMCS CWL Refit.  It was a great workshop.  Fran Lucas, National Education and Health chair spoke on the leader in you. Bishop Joseph Nguyen and Nancy Simms were also guest speakers.


The Alzheimer’s Walk in Kamloops was very special this year as our life member, Marilyn Van Dongen, was the honouree for the walk.  CWL ladies were prominent at the walk wearing their scarves and white blouses.  

Each parish council in our diocese participated in the 12 Hours for Palliative Care. They took time out of their busy day to pray at church or at home but we were so impressed with one council in particular.    At Sacred Heart Cathedral in Kamloops, the CWL Council prayed, planned, and promoted this major event.  Approximately 70 people dropped in or stayed all day, praying for accessible palliative care for all Canadians. Activities began at 7 am and concluded at 7 pm.  

After mass, Adoration, and a discussion on Sitting with the Dying, the hall was busy with prayer in action: 50 litres of soups, pasta meat sauce and chilli were chopped, cooked and packaged.  At the same time, finishing touches were lovingly made to lap quilts, cloths and hot/cold bag covers sewn by parish and community members.  These items were donated to Kamloops Hospice Association for use by families and residents. In the Cathedral, people dropped in to pray the hourly intentions, and at 11 am the Stations of the Cross for Palliative Care took place.  Donations for Kamloops Hospice Association reached over $500.  

At my first diocesan meeting at the beginning of June, each parish president shared how they conduct their meetings and many ideas came to the forefront. To learn more about our faith history, each council was given a woman that has influenced our church.  Twenty-one women for 21 centuries.

In conclusion, I would ask that prayers would be said for two of our struggling councils.    

Remember: The Holy Spirit is your best friend and your eternal mentor. Lean on Him and remember Jesus sent Him to walk alongside you in your spiritual journey on Earth.

This concludes my report

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