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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Past President’s Oral Report to 2017 Convention – Pat Deppiesse

Good morning. How many past-presidents are there in the room today?  When contemplating my report for this meeting, it occurred to me that the very best advice I might offer to you past presidents, and those who might become past presidents, is to step down!  You have a new president with all the skills required.  You have been there and done that.  You have been involved up to your ears in every facet of the League, including at the diocesan and national levels.  It’s time to step back!

Your role is to be the readily available ear, ready to hear all the problems, and then be the wise counsellor, knowing when to speak, and how to gracefully respond with answers.

In my case, we have a wonderful president, who is extremely competent and able to handle all emergencies!  However, I can’t tell you how lovely it is to have her call me just to run something by me and get my thoughts.  It makes me feel good.  She really doesn’t need to hear what I would do, she really just needs an ear – someone to speak to who understands where she is coming from!  

Another important task, is to encourage all your councils in their endeavours to write a Policy and Procedures manual.  Believe me, this will save many, many arguments about how to handle certain situations.  There is an outline on the national website.  This document can be written by a team of members, presented to the council and then voted on.  This is an on-going project, one that needs to be updated every term, as we do at the provincial level.  Things are changing, and we need to keep up with the times.

Another important function for you as past-presidents is to search out the history of your council, going right back to its inception.   This is actually a very fun project, and one that can be shared with a team.

So ladies, enjoy being past-president.  It’s wonderful to look back and enjoy past activities while helping as much as we can, those new executive members.

This concludes my report

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