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Resolutions Oral Report to 2017 Provincial Convention – Sharon Geiger

Good Afternoon!

How can we be women inspired By The Spirit To Respond to God's Call when it comes to resolutions?  There are many women who have the gift to work on resolutions and then there are those who are fearful and apprehensive.

During this first year as resolutions chair I have felt those fears of the unknown even though I have been to many resolution dialogues at conventions. I have learned a lot and I have really stepped out of my box. Reading about the resolution's process has given me courage to learn more.

It has been very encouraging to be around members who are very passionate about resolutions. As a result of this passion, there are six resolutions gifted to us this year:  four from the Kamloops diocese and two from the Vancouver diocese. This is amazing. I know that there are other resolutions being worked on in other dioceses and I hope that they will be ready for next year. I thank all of you who have worked so hard on these resolutions.

If members of your parish council have issues that concern them, then pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you in your discussions and on how you can bring issues awareness to your concerns through resolutions.  Start a committee to research the issue and read the resolution guide. Have the courage and work together to make a resolution come to fruition. We need to challenge ourselves to advocate for what matters to us.

If members need help with the resolutions process then have a resolutions workshop. This will give the members insight and educate them on procedures.

Even if members don't feel like they are gifted to work on resolutions, we need to respond to God's call and make our communities, province and country aware of the important issues. We need to get out of our comfort zone and work together on parish committees with members who will be inspired by the Spirit to work on these resolutions.

Regarding bringing your voice of concern to our provincial government I did contact the provincial parties but was asked to wait until after the election. I now plan to get a date for the fall and I will let you know when meetings are set  so that you can pray for those of us in the delegation.

This concludes my report

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