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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Secretary Oral Report to 2017 Provincial Convention – Kathryn Weswick

We secretaries lead a charmed life, don’t we?  We have the honor of keeping the record of our Council’s activities and efforts for the history books. On that note, thank you to our Past Presidents for their care of our histories.  We also have the privilege of recording the names of our members, and their special interests and ways that they help the members serve God and Canada.  We also have the opportunity to help our executive members with their efforts in their roles on the executive.  A charmed life indeed!

Dear secretaries, please consider the needs that evolve from the minutes that you keep, specifically the possibility of keeping a Motions Book and an Election Register. These items are a blessing to the next secretaries of your Councils, when they are responding to a comment like: “We’ve always done it that way.” And “Who can we ask to be the next secretary?” A Motions page just has the heading of your minutes with the time and date and president, and the copy and pasted motions from your minutes. The Elections Register is the result of the yearly record of your Councils, and is dependent on your past Council secretary’s record keeping. I have been wisely advised to make a list each year for who is on the Council, rather than a 2 year list. I am working on this for our Provincial Council. Maybe we can grapple together if you would like to make one for your Council. Call me.

I thank the secretaries who have kindly responded to my requests for reports and lists and information. I am grateful for each and every executive register sent from each Parish; this is essential for communication and saves time, effort and money, in emails and mail outs to parish presidents. Thank you to the Diocesan Secretaries who have sent me comprehensives of the Parish Councils in their Dioceses. This gives a lot of information and supports the secretaries of the parish Councils who have not passed up their registers to me or the office assistant at National. But please Parish Secretaries, please send us all your registers. And please remember to maintain the confidentiality of personal information, and especially of contact information. If there is any question of whether to share information, contact your president.

I mentioned that we also have the opportunity to help our executive members with their efforts in their roles on the executive. But this is a two way street. I am very grateful for the indulgence and strong support that I have received from these executive members,  as I serve  on other organizations. Thank you all. And a special shout out to the ladies who review our minutes; your wisdom and attention makes the minutes a better record. I remain at your service in your efforts also.

So let us each enjoy our charmed life. We are blessed by our faith, renewed by our prayers, and guided by the Holy Spirit. Thank you, dear secretaries, for your courage, in answering the call to grow and share your talents with the Catholic Women’s League of BC & Yukon.

This concludes my report

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