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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Treasurer Oral Report to 2017 Provincial Convention – Suzanne Eng

What has happened:

Throughout the year, I have performed the duties of treasurer to the best of my ability.  A few highlights include:

I have attended both mid-term meetings and enjoyed the fellowship of the other members of the executive.  Father Kulling’s spiritual guidance has really inspired me to be a better person.

I submitted the financial statements for review.  They can be found on page 23 – 30  of the convention book.   

On April 29, I had the honour to represent the BC-Yukon CWL at the Knights of Columbus State Convention.  I was a bit nervous until, as I came up to the podium, Archbishop Miller gave me a big smile & wave.

At the Vancouver Diocesan Convention, Stephanie Gray gave us some ideas of how to counter the various arguments for euthanasia.  The most important thing is to hear what the person is saying—Are they afraid of the pain?  Or of being alone or a burden to others?  These things can be overcome, and people can live a full and natural life-span.

Also at the Vancouver convention, Father Craig Scott gave us a tour and history of his parish and its newly-built church. Most of the statues as well as the Stations of the Cross have been salvaged from other parishes and churches across Canada.  Father’s journey of faith was beautifully woven into the story of the parish.

Town hall for youth

Transfer revenue to 5 year term.

What is planned:

I’m all set to attend National in Charlottetown this August. I look forward to meeting CWL sisters from past national conventions and making friends with new ladies while there.

I intend to be more diligent in preparing my communiques.  I confess that I sent out only 3 this past year.

I’d like to hear from parish and diocesan treasurers on their ideas of how the National Guidelines for Treasurers could be improved.  Our national treasurer, Jane McLean, has asked for input on this.

Recommendations & Comments

As a diocesan treasurer, I was amazed by the generosity of the members of CWL.  This has been reinforced this year on provincial.  The number and variety of organizations that you support is truly awesome.  BUT there are some things that  don’t get counted—the hours that our members spend on volunteer work within their parishes and the wider community, and the costs of making the crafts and baked goods that we sell to raise those funds.  Some parish councils do track the volunteer hours that their members work.  I really think that this should be part of our annual report, too. Some Knights of Columbus do track volunteer hours.

I was also concerned about some of the questions that were either included or missed on the new National Treasurer’s Survey.  I felt a couple were redundant.  However, the donation question did not include donations to our parishes and to groups that don’t obviously fall under the responsibility of a specific committee.  I have raised these issues in my feedback to National.

In the meantime, thank you all for your generosity with the League.

May our Lady of Good Counsel continue to bless us all. This concludes my report

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