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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Communications Communique 4 – Laura Esposito – Sept. 7, 2017

As I write this communique, sunshine is streaming through my window as it has for the last five days. We are blessed in the north to have had this sunshine and also the rain that I returned to after having been away from home for so long. I pray for some of that rain to continue to fall on the parched parts of our province that have experienced so many fires this summer. I pray that all will find the strength to deal with the devastation and loss they face in their area and I hope that the rest of us can be generous in our donations to help.

Welcome our New Diocesan Communications Chairpersons:

Kamloops: Kathy Dahl

Prince George: Susan Steiner

Vancouver: Mirella Manarin

Welcome Back to:

Nelson: Elizabeth Cytra

Victoria: Sandi DiGras

Whitehorse: Carol Vanderbyl –Diocesan President


Thank you to those Diocesan Communications Chairpersons who have already sent me a copy of their latest communique.  I encourage everyone to share their communiques not only with myself but also with each other.  Thank you.

Fall Communicator 2017

I welcome articles and pictures for the Fall Communicator, our provincial newsletter.  The Theme for this issue will be “The Spirit’s Inspiration” and the deadline for submissions is October 20, 2017. I look forward to the many inspirational events and works that will be reported on.

Communications Resolution passed at the National Convention

Resolution 2017.02 Mandatory Age Verification Mechanisms for Adult Pornography Websites was passed at the National Convention.  It was brought forward by our BC & Yukon Council.  

The action plan for this resolution is:

1. Contact Members of Parliament, the Federal Minister of Justice, and the Prime Minister requesting that legislation be created to ensure that adult websites verify the age of their users.

2. Encourage members to become educated on internet safety and responsible and appropriate technology use.

3. Make members aware of the lack of age verification controls on adult websites.  Encourage them to speak to family members about the lack of age verification and its possible effects on younger family members.

4. Monitor the response of government officials to request for new legislation.

The resolution, brief and action plan can be seen in its entirety on the National CWL website under Resolutions for the year 2017.

Other Resolutions Passed at National

Three other resolutions were passed at National.

2017.01 Full Implementation of the Supreme Court Decision in R. v. Gladue for Indigenous Offenders.

2017.03  Zero-Rated Status Under the Goods and Services Tax Provisions of the Excise Tax Act for Child Safety Products.

2017.04 Protection from Coercion of Conscience for Healthcare Professions

All of the resolutions can be viewed in their entirety on the National website www.cwl.ca

Three motions re: resolutions were also passed at the National Convention

Motion #1 reads;

“That the national council of the Catholic Women's League of Canada in 97th annual national convention assembled send a letter to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops expressing support of the statement by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops dated July 7, 2017, On the Passage of Bill C-16 Regarding Gender identity and Gender Expression.”

Motion #2 reads:

“That the national council of the Catholic Women's League of Canada in 97th annual national convention assembled urge provincial/territorial councils to encourage all members to educate themselves and support the statement by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops dated July 7, 2017, On the Passage of Bill C-16 Regarding Gender Identity and Gender Expression as well as the papal teachings on the central tenet of contemporary gender theory.”

Motion #3 reads:

“That the national council of the Catholic Women's League of Canada in 97th annual national convention assembled write a letter to the Prime Minister expressing deep concern that Bill C-16 fails to respect the fundamental rights of freedom of religion and speech of those having different views concerning transgenderism and request a meeting with him on this issue.”

A motion passed at the 2017 BC & Yukon Provincial Convention reads:

In light of Resolution 2012.01 Criminalization of the Purchasing of Sexual Service, and the CWL support of the Protection of the Communities and Exploited Persons Act (Bill C-36)

“That members of the BC & Yukon Council of the CWL open a dialogue with local police force to discuss policies and priorities affecting the enforcement of the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, and to discuss obstacles to enforcement and ways in which the CWL can help to overcome these obstacles, and also to report their findings to their councils and to Diocesan and Provincial Councils.”

Resolution passed at the CWL BC & Yukon Provincial Convention in Kelowna 2017.02 Include Psychotherapy in British Colombia Services Plan.  Please read the entire resolution plan on the provincial website bcyukoncwl.com.

Strategic Planning Sessions

At the National Convention, which I was very lucky to be able to attend, there were many exciting events.  One of them was all about the strategic planning sessions. We went on-line with members from all across the country taking part in a “town-hall meeting” which provided insights and answers to questions, issues and concerns which face the future of our wonderful League.  Results and comments were received back immediately.  There is a need for consultation and feedback from as many members as possible as the future priorities and status of the League is considered.  I hope you were able to join in the” town hall” meetings or that you will find other ways of giving your opinion to the National Executive.  The National Website has posted videos of the Town Hall session.  Please take the time to view it.

Other things available on the National website from the convention are;

An Eye on the Prince Edward Island Convention for Aug 7, Aug. 8, Aug. 9th

Press Release from the 97th Annual Convention in Charlottetown

National Convention Live Feed

Letters Written from the various motions carried

Pornography and the Pornography Hurts Campaign

BC & Yukon Council created the successful resolution which passed at the National convention – 2017. 02. Mandatory Age Verification Mechanisms for Adult Pornography Websites.  Please make sure to follow the action plan outlined earlier in this communique and read the entire resolution on the National website.  Apart from this, please continue to make all aware of the issue of pornography.  Please continue to participate in the Pornography Hurts Campaign by downloading the postcards from the National website and sending them to provincial and federal government officials. Write to as many as possible, so our voices become thunderous about this issue.  

Also continue to write letters.  I have outlined in previous communiques the value of handwritten letters.  I quote from my Communique #3 written on May 28, 2017.  “A handwritten letter, which is short, to the point and in your own handwriting, speaks volumes to our politicians and counts for much more than one email or a form letter which is sent.  When someone takes the time to handwrite the letter, the politicians view it as the point of view of many of their constituents which they do not hear from.  Not everyone takes the time to write in, but, the majority of people do have an opinion, which is sometimes not stated verbally to them.”  

Dates to Remember

BC & Yukon Provincial Convention – June 20 – 24, 2018 – Whitehorse, Yukon

National Convention – August 11 – 14, 2018 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

The annual provincial subsidy was underutilized last year.  This one will be available for the provincial convention. Please make sure that your members know about it and apply for it, if they are travelling to convention.

An application has been made for a further grant to help defray the costs of travel to Whitehorse.  We do not yet know if this will be granted to the BC & Yukon council.  Stay tuned!

Pope Francis’ Monthly Prayer Intentions

September 2017 – Parishes

That our parishes, animated by a missionary spirit, may be places where faith is communicated and charity is seen.

October 2017 – Workers and the Unemployed

That all workers may receive respect and protection of their rights, and that the unemployed may receive the opportunity to contribute to the common good.

November 2017 – Christians in Asia

That Christians in Asia, bearing witness to the Gospel in words and deed, may promote dialogue, peace and mutual understanding, especially with those of other religions.

December 2017 – The Elderly

That the elderly,sustained by families and Christian communities, may apply their wisdom and experience to spreading the faith and forming the new generations.

The word RESPECT is paramount in our dealings with all people.  May we remember to respect all members of our society and that all are our sisters and brothers in Christ.  “Do this to the least of my brothers and you do it to me” Matthew 25:45

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