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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Treasurer Communique 3 – Suzanne Eng – August 23, 2017


All too soon, our parish counterparts will be receiving their annual report forms from National.  The Constitution and Bylaws(C&B) booklet outlines the areas of responsibility for each of the committees—Spiritual Development, etc.  These areas should help our parish counterparts figure out where to allocate their various donations.  They should also report under “Other” anything that doesn’t fit any of the categories listed in the C & B, such as donations to a parish building fund.

The other point is that many parish councils make their donations as “Christmas” donations.  If you know what you plan on giving, add that amount in for the current calendar year.


There are 5 National Voluntary Funds currently:  

 Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace (CCODP)

 Canadian Missions in Canada (CMIC)

 Coady International Institute (Coady)

 Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC)

 Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA)

Descriptions of these groups can be found on the national website (www.cwl.ca) and in the National Policy and Procedure Manual.  There is a specific form for submitting the funds which can be downloaded from the CWL website.  Your cheques should be made out to Catholic Women’s League of Canada.  The memo line on your cheque should indicate which fund the money is going to.  A copy of the remittance form should be sent to the diocesan treasurer for information purposes.


At our National Convention, National Secretary-Treasurer Janet MacLean again asked for suggestions for updates to the national Guidelines for Treasurers.  If any of you or any of your parish treasurers have ideas, please pass them on to Janet.  The easiest email address is info@cwl.ca, then put the subject as “Suggestions for Guidelines for Treasurers.”


Most CWL councils have made the switch from the old-style manual paper ledgers to at least an Excel spreadsheet for maintaining their revenue and expense records, and for preparing their regular reports to their councils.

There are several standardized packages, such as QuickBooks and Sage50 (Formerly Simply).  There is a cost to purchase the program, and to maintain the updates for these.  These costs can be budgeted for so that the program stays current and compatible with current technology.

Almost everyone has the Microsoft Office package installed on their computer, and Excel is part of this package.  It is generally very easy to use and easy to set up templates inside the program.  For a parish council, this is a cost-effective way to go.  

I’m currently working on designing a template for parish councils.  Hopefully, it will be ready about mid-September.  If any of your treasurers are interested, feel free to contact me at

May Our Lady of Good Counsel bless us all.

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