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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Organization Communique #5 – Gisela Montague     Sept. 8, 2017

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

God was so pleased with Mary’s humility that his goodness compelled him to give her the Word, his Only begotten Son-and she was the wonderful Mother who gave [that Word] to us.

             Saint Catherine of Siena

Welcome back to another year to serve God and Canada as sisters of the League.  We greet two new Organization Chairs – Diane Nadeau from Kamloops diocese and Barbara Renaud from Vancouver diocese. This is the second year for Debbie Cloutier from Nelson diocese and Christa Grillmair from Victoria diocese; the information for the Prince George diocese goes to Gemma Gillis (President) and for the Whitehorse diocese to Carol Vanderbyl at (President).

“I am a member of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada because I believe that as a human being and a Christian, I have a responsibility to witness Christ in the world, and that membership in the League opens a new vista, helping me to fulfil in greater measure my Christian mission in the community of human kind.”  (Handbook for Organization Chairperson)

The duties of the organization chairpersons are:

Recruit Members and Maintain Membership

Leadership Development

League Resource Material

Annual Reports

Life Membership

Recruit Members and Maintain Membership

My hope is that many were able to attend the conventions: diocesan, provincial or national and have renewed energy to reach out to other Catholic women to join our awesome League.  We are the ambassadors of the League and should take every opportunity to speak of its accomplishments in an affirming manner and promote its Objects. Women will join if they find our meetings educational and spiritual, if they have opportunities for personal growth and are appreciated for their contributions.  

In the 2017 spring edition of the League magazine Theresa Winchester (Life Member of Ontario) wrote an interesting article called: RECRUITING, KINCARDINE STYLE---“TALK TO EACH WOMAN INDIVIDUALLY”.  They increased their membership and Theresa shares her secret how they did it. I encourage all to read this article, it’s worth it. (Page 8 & 9)  As important as it is to recruit members it is equally important to maintain the new members.  

Leadership Development

As you plan your activities for the year, don’t forget to apply for the BC & Yukon Provincial League Development Fund.  Its purpose is to assist provincial and diocesan councils in educating members at diocesan and parish levels about the scope and responsibilities of Officers and Chairpersons of Standing Committees.  Facilitators will be provided by the provincial council.  In order to encourage maximum participation a claim may be made under transportation to cover expenses for members attending the workshop. Applications can be found at the provincial website:  http://www.bcyukoncwl.com .

On September 9th Barbara Jarvis, provincial Life member Liaison and I presented a workshop on Communiqués to the new Vancouver Diocesan Executive at their retreat/meeting.  It was so rewarding to meet these enthusiastic new and returning executive members.  

We have the following workshops and will prepare workshops that councils are requesting:

1. 1. Leadership (several)


3. CWL Facelift - Why me Lord?

4. Discernment

5. Standing Committees

6. Building more vibrant councils

7. Legislation Workshop

8. Resolution Workshop

9. Communiqués

10. God Given Gifts

11. CWL 101 – Catch The Fire

12. S’Mores

13. Easy Council Planning

14. Parliamentary ProcedureReports from Subsidy Winners to the National and Provincial Conventions

Reports required of the provincial subsidy winners to both national and provincial have been received and here are some of their comments:

 “The theme ‘Leading with Courage’ was inspiring and incorporated into all the presentations.  I was very interested in the panel Discussion on Refugee Resettlement.  I was impressed with the presenters sharing the good with the not so good issues. All the guest speakers shared remarkable stories.  What a thrill it was to have our National President among us.  Her presentation was truly amazing and I loved how she described the Logo she chose for her term.”

“The fact that so many ladies come together to show their love for God and country is so inspiring.  At conventions one comes to understand more clearly that we do have the power to make the changes that promote Catholic values..”

Strategic Planning

I hope that many of the councils were able to participate in the “Cross Country Town Hall Session” at the national convention in Charlottetown.  Videos are available at www.cwl.ca (Aug.14) Part 1 & part 2. Anne-Marie Gorman states in her communiqué “The fruits of nationwide efforts will determine the look of the organization for years to come.  Members are welcomed and encouraged to make suggestions through parish, diocesan and provincial executives, especially following the town hall experience.”

Welcome Kits for New Members

Parish Organization Chairpersons should make an annual review of their welcome kits, and for the councils that don’t have one now would be a good time to start one.  Example of what you might want to include:

  Welcome Letters    

Information about the League (check that membership figures are up-to-date)

Parish Council Executive List

Calendar of Events

League Prayer Card or Bookmark

Promotional Pamphlets

Copy of recent CWL Newsletters

Copy of the “The Canadian League” (Collect a few past issues from other members)

Information about any voluntary funds supported by the council e.g. COADY Institute, Development and Peace, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, CNEWA

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