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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

Organization Communique # 6 – Gisela Montague  October 18, 2017

Annual Reports

Autumn is here and so are the rain, wind and snow (for some of us).  This is also the time to think of the 2017 Annual Reports. A recent mailing from national office included a memo on the reports with guidelines for the electronic filing method for all parish council chairpersons.  Some improvements and modifications have been made, e.g. skipping over questions that do not pertain to the council’s situation. The secure site will be available on November 1st and will remain open until December 31st.  To gain access to the site enter ”survey.cwl.ca” into the browser’s address bar, usually located in the left top. Please note that this is not the Google search bar.  Your user name will be your membership ID number, as indicated on your permanent membership card.  Your password will be your membership ID number, followed by the first initial of your first name and the first initial of your last name.  As an example, Bellelle Guerin, member ID number 7654321, would enter 7654321BG as her password.  

Members are encouraged to work together to complete the reports, however, input can be made from your homes as well. Councils that don’t have access to a computer can use libraries for this purpose.  If you have any questions pertaining to the annual reports, or run into any technical difficulties, please contact national office. (888) 656-4040 email: info@cwl.ca

This year I am asking you (the diocesan executive) to write your reports according to the information received from national using the same order. Last year’s online reports did not match the headings from the diocesan or provincial report forms which, while the questions still followed the order in the C&B, caused some confusion for dioceses compiling their reports from the online results.


Reports are an important means of communicating with others in the parish, community and country at large, and time lines are important in getting reports to the next level.  So please encourage your parish councils to adhere to the deadlines, see schedule below.  Unfortunately last year some councils missed out on getting their information in on time as the deadline could not be extended.   

The deadline dates for submission of annual reports are as follows:

FROM    TO        BY

*Parish Chairpersons Diocesan Chairpersons             Dec15

(*Completed via the newly initiated online reporting system)

Diocesan Chairpersons Diocesan President & Provincial Chairpersons   Feb15 Diocesan President  Provincial President      Mar15

Provincial Chairpersons    Provincial President & National Chairpersons  Mar15 Provincial Presidents National President & National Office   Mar31

A thought from national from last year was that members should be congratulated for their willingness to “cast out into the deep” and try something new.  The information will be invaluable when charting out the future of the League as we go forward with the strategic planning process.  

National Bursary Fund

Did you notice that 3 members from BC received national bursaries in 2017?  See page 29 in the last League Magazine.

The following information is from the national manual:

The bursary fund is used to provide financial assistance to members needing  to pursue studies, courses, seminars, workshops and diploma/degree programs in areas of

•spiritual growth

•adult faith formation

•youth ministry

•ministry to patients in palliative care

•ministry to shut-ins

•parliamentary procedure

•literacy tutoring

Courses must be pursued in Canada.

The national bursary committee receives applications and administers the bursary annually. The value of the bursaries awarded depends on the interest generated from the fund in any given year and the number of qualified applicants.

Applications must be submitted to national office and postmarked by May 31st

Changes to the “Subsidy to attend a Provincial Convention”

At our pre-convention meeting in Kelowna the executive approved a motion to increase the subsidy from $250.00 to $500.00. This subsidy is available to 12 members (2 from each diocese) to include a member of the diocesan executive and one member, neither of whom are having their way fully paid by another level of the League. The criteria “who has never attended a provincial convention” has been taken out.

Applications can be found on the provincial website:  http://www.bcyukoncwl.com  and should be submitted by March 31.  Those who have not received this subsidy in the past are eligible to apply.  It is hoped that many members will be assisted to attend the next provincial convention in Whitehorse, Yukon – June 21 -23, 2018.  

Provincial Convention in Whitehorse, Yukon

We have applied for a national grant, which if approved, would offer $275.00 to each of 3 diocesan applicants to attend this convention.  More details will be in my next communiqué.

Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation

Applications for the Leadership Program will be accepted until November 15, 2017. The Program is scheduled to begin May 2018 at the Providence School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality, Saint Paul University, Ottawa.  It is open to all Canadian women from all walks of life, who have a genuine interest in making a difference in their communities and places of work. The candidate criteria are:

Catholic woman 21 years of age or older

Oral and written English language competencies

Genuine desire to cultivate her gifts of leadership

Evidence of contribution to her community

The Program is a thirteen-month Certificate program with an ongoing mentorship once course work is completed.  It will have an introductory get-to-know-you online module; an initial five-day face-to-face residency component; a 10-month online component and a final four-day face to face residency component.  More details can be found at www.cwlfcanada.ca.  

National Development Fund

Councils at all levels can apply for this fund, the application is required 2 months in advance and is available once a year.  For more information see the national website.

In conclusion I am praying for members to let their name stand for upcoming elections.  May the Holy Spirit guide you.  We are in exciting times as we make the decisions on the future of our League.  

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