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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council National theme: One Heart, One Voice, One Mission Provincial theme: Joyfully Serving the Lord

Guidelines for Life Member’s Fine Arts and Culture Award

1. The Life Member’s Fine Arts and Culture Award will be continued as long as there is enough in the Fund to award $500 to a successful applicant.

2. The Provincial Life Member Liaison will send out a letter to every LM in BC & Yukon at the beginning of September, inviting LMs to participate.  Life Members should be advised to send a cheque to their Diocesan Life Member Liaison person – giving her the current name and address.

3. The cheques, for $15 for one year or $30 for two years should be made out to BC & Yukon Provincial Council of CWL and tagged “Life Member’s Fine Arts & Culture Award”.  

4. The Diocesan LM Liaison will collect the cheques, keeping records as to who has submitted their $15 (or more) and follow up by phone to remind those who have not sent it yet, ensuring they still want to be involved.  She will also keep records as to whether or not these members should be contacted in the future (for instance, if they no longer want to participate).

5. The LMs may wish to contribute a further amount for those who are no longer active.  If they do so, they should explain in a note to the Diocesan Life Member Liaison.

6. The Diocesan LM Liaison will send the collected cheques to the current Provincial Treasurer on a regular basis.

7. The Provincial Treasurer will place the cheques in a separate general ledger entry. She will not need to keep any record of those members submitting or not submitting funds as this will be done by the Diocesan Life Member Liaison.  

8. Upon receiving proof of registration for the courses, the Provincial Treasurer will forward a cheque directly to the post-secondary institution before December 31st of the year following the application.

9. Provincial Life Member Liaison is to be kept up to date from the Provincial Treasurer at the end of each year, at how much money is in the earmarked ledger for this award.  This will help determine whether this award will be continuing as to # 1 of this guideline.

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