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Education and Health

BC & Yukon 2015.03New Registration Process for Organ and Tissue Donation

Whereas, the British Columbia organ and tissue donation registration process has been changed, and

Whereas,  there is a chronic shortage of organs and tissue for transplant resulting in hundreds of people waiting for organ transplants, and

Whereas, only 19% of British Columbians are registered to donate; therefore be it


Resolved, that the BC & Yukon Provincial Council of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada encourage members to:

register under the new organ donation registration process

continue to educate others on the importance of organ and tissue donation.


Brief: 2015.03 New Registration Process for Organ and Tissue Donation

The driver’s license sticker is no longer a recognized way to register your decision as an organ donor. Now, the only legal record of your decision is made with your Care Card personal health number on the organ donor registry. (Organ Donation Registration Form) Most people do not realize that they still have to register their wishes to donate by filling out an organ donation registration form or registering online at www.transplant.bc.ca, or registering by phone at 604-877-2240, or toll-free at 1-800-663-6189. (David Foster Foundation)

There is a desperate need for organ donation in our province. As of August, 2014, 473 patients in British Columbia were waiting for a suitable organ. Hundreds more are waiting for corneal transplants.  Many patients die waiting for a suitable organ. (Organ Transplantation Fact Sheet) The waiting time can be lengthened because some potential donors’ next-of-kin cannot make a quick decision during a crisis situation, or are unaware of the wishes of potential donors at the time of their death.

Donations can take many forms, such as the heart, liver, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, and as well, the heart valves, cornea, tissues, bones, skin, tendons and ligaments can be used. (BC Transplant) One act of love can save many. The new donor registration form outlines the options available for specific donations.

Research shows that Canadians are five to six times more likely to need an organ transplant than they are to become a deceased organ donor. Less than one percent of British Columbians die in a way that would allow them to be a deceased organ donor, so it is important that more people register their wishes. Age is not a factor, as Canada’s oldest organ donor was 90 years old. More than 85% of B.C. residents support organ donation, yet only 19 % have registered their decision. (BC Transplant)

CWL members are encouraged to register for organ and tissue donation with their Care Card personal health number, and to educate others on the importance of registering.

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Action Plan:

1. Obtain organ donation registration forms from BC Transplant office.

2. Show the power point presentation that is available for use.

3. Promote organ and tissue donation to the membership.

4. Promote annual organ donation awareness week.

5. Contact BC Transplant at West Tower, 555 – 12th Ave. Floor 3, Vancouver BC V5Z 9Z9 or visit www.transplant.bc.ca