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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council National theme: One Heart, One Voice, One Mission Provincial theme: Joyfully Serving the Lord

Communications Oral Report to Provincial Convention 2016 – Laura Esposito


What is Communication?  The Executive Handbook states that the purpose of the Communications Standing Committee is “to announce and communicate, by words and action, the Good News of the Gospel.”  We communicate in many ways – by letters, cards, telephone, or email – some consider these ancient forms of communication.  With new technology we can text, twitter, or chirp – these latter two sound more like birds communicating.  We can nod or smile.  They are all forms of communication.  Collectively, we need to use all modes, especially if we are to encourage younger members to join our fabulous organization.

We convey the great things that we do for God and Canada through a variety of media.  The Canadian League reports a wealth of celebrations, information and news for all members. Be League is an extension of the League magazine.  The Communicator, our provincial newsletter, is published twice yearly.  The theme of the last one published in May was “One Mission- Joyfully Serving the Lord.”  I hope you accessed it on the provincial website.


 We promote the League and our Christian values through websites, Facebook and Twitter.  We have a responsibility to monitor media for good content, to express our views when programming goes against our Christian value. Thank you to those who already sent in the postcards for Pornography awareness.

Pope Francis is constantly challenging us to be firm in our Christian values, but to do everything with mercy and compassion.  Mercy can help mitigate life’s troubles and offer warmth to those who have known only the coldness of judgement. We need to judge situations, but we must not judge individuals, since only God can see the depths of their hearts.   John 8:32 states “the truth will set you free.”  Our task is to uphold the truth and communicate that truth with love. Never lose hope. Since it is easy to stoke the flames of mistrust, fear and hatred instead, courage is needed to guide people towards the process of reconciliation.  This offers real solutions and the opportunity to build lasting peace.  “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”(Mt 5:7-9)

Communication does have the power to build bridges and enrich society.  How wonderful it is when people select their words and actions with care, in the effort to avoid misunderstandings, to heal wounded memories and to build peace and harmony.  Words can build bridges.  May our words and actions always be ones of encouragement, of enhancing relationships and of building up the kingdom of God.

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