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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council National theme: One Heart, One Voice, One Mission Provincial theme: Joyfully Serving the Lord

Resolutions Oral Report to Provincial Convention 2016 – Dianne Barker

RESOLUTIONS are our way of expressing what is in our hearts, the moral and ethical truths, through the use of our voices to achieve our mission in life – to protect the vulnerable and to leave this world a better place. Our resolutions come from the concerned heart of one member or several members, and they become the voice of the League.  

We use our voices as Catholic women of faith to promote and defend Christian values that are the heart of the teachings of the Church. This is our mission and we accomplish it through resolutions.  

Resolutions are only words on paper unless we take action.  One of our 2015 resolutions was requesting the government to provide for the mental needs of our youth.  Our national council followed up this resolution by creating postcards to be sent to the federal government. These postcards are addressed to either the prime minister or the Minister of Health.  Please put your words into actions.  Write your name and address on one of the cards and send them to Ottawa.

Our visit to the BC government took place in May this year and I will report on that separately.  Thank you for continuing to write letters because when we present our resolutions to government it is so helpful when the government members know of our concerns before we arrive. Then we are supporting your letters, as they support our presentation.    

There are two resolutions coming before this convention.  Three other resolutions continue to be worked on in Dioceses and your provincial resolution’s committee is here to help – but you must ask for help.  We do not want to impose ourselves upon you.  The League Development Fund is available to you and will help fund an experienced person to come and help you with your resolution. BC & Yukon is the heartland of resolutions in Canada.  We are blessed to have some very knowledgeable and experienced resolution writers in our midst.  Please don’t hesitate to ask.  

Remember, we are the voices of those people who are unable to speak for themselves and who rely on us to use our voices on their behalf.  

Thank you to each of you who worked on a resolution this past year, whether or not it was passed in your diocese, whether or not it is coming before the floor of this convention, and whether or not it moves on to the national convention.  Writing resolutions is an education – and we cannot help but be educated when we work through the resolution process.  We are the hands, the heart and the voice of Canadians as we work together to accomplish God’s work – our mission on earth.

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