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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council National theme: One Heart, One Voice, One Mission Provincial theme: Joyfully Serving the Lord

Spiritual Development Oral Report to Convention 2016 – Jeanne Wilson

When writing my provincial report using the information supplied by the diocesan spiritual development chairs, I saw that some councils were operating without the support of the spiritual advisor.  

As Fr. Edwin said this morning, spiritual development is a very important component of the Catholic Women’s League and distinguishes the League from other women’s organizations.

I believe that if the spiritual development chair has support from the spiritual advisor, then her role is not so challenging. Remember that the role of the spiritual development chair is not to always present the spiritual programme, but to make sure there is a spiritual programme at each meeting and the ideal is that the spiritual programme should be one third of the meeting.

According to The Catholic Women’s League’s Constitution and Bylaws, the Spiritual Advisor of the parish council shall be the pastor of the parish. Where this is not possible, the pastor in consultation with the council executive, shall appoint a spiritual advisor.

 Use your spiritual advisor.  His or her role is to provide advice and guidance for the spiritual programme and to attend and participate in all meetings and conventions, when possible in an advisory capacity.  They do not have to attend each meeting, but there should be monthly contact with them. The spiritual advisor should consider the Catholic Women’s League as part of the parish team, not a group that they have no part of.

On National’s website there are three resources that can be downloaded for spiritual advisors. One is a Guide for Spiritual Advisors which should be presented to your advisor. The Guide explains why we have spiritual advisors, what is expected of them, and the organization of the Catholic Women’s League.

Also available is A Guide for Presidents on How to Work with the Spiritual Advisor. This guide explains why it is important to have a spiritual advisor and what a president can do to get the spiritual advisor involved in the work of the League.

The spiritual advisor should have a copy of the Handbook for Spiritual Advisors and a subscription to the League magazine and should be aware of the provincial and national websites.

According to the Guide for Presidents, the key to working successfully with your spiritual advisor is to communicate, communicate, communicate and then communicate some more.

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