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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council National theme: One Heart, One Voice, One Mission Provincial theme: Joyfully Serving the Lord
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Treasurer’s Oral Report to Provincial Convention 2016 – Julie Rose

Financial statements for 2015 were sent out as required. I hope you all had a chance to review them.  

These statement were reviewed by David Pel & Company and can be found in the convention book.  As stated in this report, an excess of revenue over expenses for the year was realized.  You will note that this is an increase from the year end for 2014, which is an indication that we are diligent in our spending and keeping within the budget set for the year.

The budget for 2016 has been prepared and it is expected that we will have a surplus at the end of the year. Although we may continue to show a surplus in the future years, we must continue to be diligent and accountable for our spending. I will be recommending that we purchase, from this surplus, a short term GIC for future operating expenses.

Our membership for 2015 was 9072 with late memberships received in early 2016 of 53 bringing our total to 9125 compared to 9206 in 2014, a decrease of 81 members.

Membership received to the end of May is 7711 compared to 8080 for the same period last year. I cannot express enough, the importance of getting all membership fees into National in a timely manner.

I presented the financial statement for the period of January to May 2016 at the pre convention meeting and your diocesan president has a copy of this report for your review.

We continually hear how difficult it is to get members to step up into the executive roles, in particular the role of Treasurer.  Members may feel they do not have the skills or training to fill this role. I can assure you that it is not as difficult as it may seem.  I have served as Treasurer on parish, diocesan and now provincial, and all levels are the same, only the dollar amounts of income and expenses are different.  The same responsibility is required.  If you are able to manage your own personal finances, you are certainly capable of filling this role. We all know that through education and training we gain confidence in what we are doing and any fear is soon overcome.

I was able to complete the Treasurer’s Power Point presentation as I had promised.  It has been distributed to your Presidents.  It is my sincere hope that it will assist in training new as well as current parish Treasurers. It is based on the simplest method of bookkeeping and hopefully will take away any fear of performing the required duties for this position.

We all know the best way to get members to move up to executive positions is through training and workshops.  We have been setting aside 50 cents of your membership fees for this purpose.  Be sure to check the website for the availability of these funds and make use of it, it is there for you.

We are pleased to report on a very successful National Convention, hosted in Vancouver last August.  Congratulations to Roxanne McDonald and her team for all their hard work, especially in the area of convention costs.   We received $24,747.67 in excess funds from the national convention committee.  We were able to return this to each diocese proportionately based on membership of 2014, I’m sure your diocesan president has already shared this information with you.

As I leave my position as Provincial Treasurer I wish to thank President Pat and all the executive for their support and confidence in me.  I wish the new Treasurer all the best and will be available to assist her in everyway possible for a smooth transition.