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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council National theme: One Heart, One Voice, One Mission Provincial theme: Joyfully Serving the Lord

Past President Communique #1 – Pat Deppiesse   August 25, 2016.

Greetings, my dear sisters in the League.  I hope you are having a wonderful summer.  We have now been privileged to attend our conventions and had the opportunity to learn, laugh, love and pray.  Some of you have been past president for a year, and some, like myself are newbies!  We all know each other, having sat at the provincial table as presidents, and are experiencing the challenge of ‘letting go’ (at least I am!), and embracing Archives and History.  Believe me, this is not something I was looking forward to!  However, over the past few weeks whenever I have had some time, I have been going through the boxes given to me and have become absolutely excited about being past president!

For instance, I found a copy of the minutes of the very first provincial convention held in 1948!  How these survived this long in the boxes without being discovered, I have no idea, perhaps God put them in there to get me excited about this position!  I found minutes of meetings from 1948 and up to 1988 and have briefly read all of them.  It’s so interesting to see all the members referred to as “Mrs.” with her surname only.  Things have really changed.  And yet, nothing has changed.  When reading them you experience the love of the League from way back then to today.  It makes you really appreciate how hard these women worked and how difficult it was for them to even get together or communicate, as most ladies didn’t drive then and certainly didn’t have Email!  I typed up those beautifully hand written minutes and have attached them for you to see (some of the words were illegible).

At this time, I don’t really have any advice to give you until I delve further into the Archives and History books from the past and determine a way forward.  I will do this over the next months, and keep you up to date by my Communiqués.  I have appointed a sub-committee of Marianna Caldwell, Gloria Gausboel and Jenny Shaw to help in going forward with our archives.

In the meantime, I can also refer you to what I am becoming familiar with now, which is the Handbook for Past-presidents.  I will study it over the next couple of weeks, I will meet with the Archivist at the Chancery in Vancouver, and will confer with former past-presidents, and my new sub-committee, in order to chart my path for this term.  One of the reasons I didn’t run for the national executive at this time, was that I really wanted to have the time to do a good job as past president, and I intend to do that to the best of my ability.  

I want to encourage you to come along for the ride!  Let’s make that fabulous history in our provincial and diocesan councils come alive.  It’s only in knowing where you have been that inspires us to go to even greater heights in the future.  

I was so excited finding those 1948 minutes, it made me realize that we all have diocesan anniversaries coming up.  We will want to be searching out those minutes, pictures, names of officers, etc. to display.  Let’s be ready for those requests!  If this is not happening very soon in your diocese, at least help prepare for the future.

The Diocesan Past Presidents are as follows:

Kamloops  Catherine L’Heureux  

Nelson  Janet O’Flynn   

Prince George Laura Esposito  

Vancouver  Sharon Ciebin   

Victoria  Blanca Stead   

Whitehorse  Carol Vanderbyl  

Please forward your Communiqués to each of these ladies and myself.  Feel free to use any part of my Communiqués in yours to the parish councils – why re-invent the wheel?  In fact, if you wish, you could just forward it on to them.

One thing I need to remind you of at this time, is regarding the National Policy & Procedure Manual.  For the national manual, any suggested changes need to be submitted to our national past president Barb Dowding, through the national office (address in the League Magazine) before December 1st for the review and recommendation of the national executive (our provincial president, Evelyn Rigby is now a member).   If you want to discuss any suggested changes with me or Evelyn, don’t hesitate to call.

Reminder:  Every member of the League should have a copy of the Constitution & Bylaws 2013, please check that your members at every level have a copy.

I’m really looking forward to communicating with you in the future, have a great end to summer.

Love and blessings,

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