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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council National theme: One Heart, One Voice, One Mission Provincial theme: Joyfully Serving the Lord

Communications – Communique 1 – Laura Esposito  August 25, 2016

The weather could not have been better,the canning could not have gone smoother or been more bountiful, my brother is getting better.  God is merciful and good.  

Who Am I? I am a retired teacher, having looked on my career not as a job but as a vocation, loving my time in the classroom for 38 years, Retired, I now help in my local Catholic school when I am needed. I am also able to volunteer in many ways in my community and also travel and help family whenever I want. Life is very good!  After the election at the provincial convention, I was pleased that Evelyn asked me to continue the role of Communications Chairperson, since I took this role one year ago part way through a term when Lorraine Thibeault moved to Ontario and could not complete her term. I look forward to again working with everyone on the provincial team.

Provincial Executive (2016 – 2018)

Spiritual Advisor – Father Edwin Kulling

President – Evelyn Rigby

President-Elect/Organization – Gisela Montague

2nd Vice-President/Spiritual Development – Agnes Geiger

1st Vice-President/Resolutions – Sharon Geiger

Secretary – Kathy Weswick

Treasurer – Suzanne Eng

Past President – Pat Deppiesse

Christian Family Life – Susan Steiner

Community Life – Sharon Ciebin

Education and Health – Linda McClinton

Communications – Laura Esposito

Legislation – Blanca Stead

The newly elected National Communications Chairperson is Shari Gunta. I look forward to working with Shari for the next two years. For the rest of the new National Executive, please refer to the National website www.cwl.ca

Diocesan Chairpersons of Communications: Welcome to newly elected Sandi Digras (Victoria Diocese).  Welcome also to those working on their second year in this position: Diane Nadeau (Kamloops), Elizabeth Cytra (Nelson), Maureen Sander (Prince George), Anita Park (Vancouver) and Carol Vanderbyl (Whitehorse) who carries not only this but many hats.  I look forward to sharing much faith, fun, fulfillment and friendship through our communications and our conventions.  Please share your communiques not only with myself but also with each other.  We learn so much from one another.

The Communicator and Be League: The Communicator is the BC & Yukon Provincial Newsletter published twice yearly in the spring and in the fall.  Please send in articles for the 2016 Fall Communicator.  When publishing the last newsletter, I had set the theme as the Face of Mercy since that is the church’s theme until December set out by Pope Francis. The deadline was published as September 10, 2016, however I am flexible with it until September 20th.  How have you or your parish incorporated the spiritual and corporal works of mercy?  What services have been given that show mercy? How does this Standing Committee or any of the other Standing Committees and Mercy go hand in hand? Hopefully this will inspire more articles to be sent to me. I also welcome articles introducing yourself, especially from the new members of councils at the diocesan or provincial level.  Look for the newsletter to be sent out in early October before our provincial midterm in mid-October. Be League is a monthly publication completed by the National Executive and can be found on the National website.  Submissions are welcomed. Both of these publications are meant to further communications among all of us and let us know what is happening across this wonderful country called Canada.  They are meant to further the information found in the Canadian League.  Knowledge is power and communication provides the knowledge we need to better serve God and Canada as Catholic Women’s League members.

Did you attend the National Convention? Many could not attend it this year and I am one of them.  This is the first National convention I have missed in a long time.  However, you can read all about it on the National website through the wonderful posts that Mary Nordick wrote for each day of the convention.  

Communications and Resolutions – How are they tied together? We use our voices through petitions, letters, emails etc.to let government officials and others know what we stand for and how we would like to make the world a better place.  One of the ways we can do that is by following the action plans outlined in each of the resolutions passed at Provincial and National conventions.  Please research the resolutions passed by going on the provincial and national websites.  Two resolutions were passed at provincial convention this year and five at the National convention.  There are many resolutions passed in past years which also need our attention.  Please put your faith into action.

Resolutions Introduced at the 2016 Provincial Convention: Both resolutions fall under the Education and Health Committee.  One passed at provincial but was declined at National and went forward with a motion which is included in the deposition.  The other was passed at provincial and was changed into two resolutions at the National convention.  You can read about the disposition of these two resolutions on the provincial website

Resolutions Passed at the 2016 National Convention:  These appear on the National website in their entirety.  Please follow the action plan:

2016.01 Equal Access to Permanent resident Status, an Amendment to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

2016.02 Eating Well With Canada’s Food Guide

2016.03 Warning Labels on Food and Drug Products for all Inactive Substances and Additives

2016.04 Amend the Canada Health Act to Identify Palliative Care as an Insured Health Service

2016.05 Amend the Canada Health Act to Include Home Care as an Insured Health Service

Duties and Responsibilities of the Communications Chairperson: These can be found in abbreviated form on p.27 of the Constitution and Bylaws 2013, a copy of which every member should have.

The duties and responsibilities can also be found in detail on pages 59-64 of the Executive Handbook.  Hopefully each of you have one of them or it can be downloaded from the national website under Resources.

I end by giving all of you my apology.   I wrote about the provincial convention (I thank Christa Grillmair for her report and I used part of it in mine) and sent it off along with pictures to the diocesan papers, but, due to extenuating and prolonged circumstances with some family matters, and with having been away from home for eight weeks helping a family member through an illness, I missed some of the deadlines for the end of summer publications.  Hopefully it will be published in all papers either with this fall’s edition or the next edition.  Sometimes life gets in the way of so many things!!  I will attach a copy of the report to this communique along with a picture taken of the new executive present at the convention, and a picture of the Molly Boucher Bursary winner.

Pope Francis writes: “May the Church echo the word of God that resounds strong and clear as a message and sign of pardon, strength, aid and love.  May she never tire of extending mercy and be ever patient in offering compassion and comfort.  May the Church become the voice of every man and woman, and repeat confidently without end. “Be mindful of Your mercy, O Lord, and Your steadfast love, for they have been from of old” (Ps.25:6

    (Taken from the Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy- April 11, 2015)

May our eyes be focused on Jesus through the intercession of our Lady of Good Counsel and may we constantly strive to do our best for God and Canada.

Ciao for now and God bless,

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