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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council National theme: One Heart, One Voice, One Mission Provincial theme: Joyfully Serving the Lord

Secretary Communique # 1 – Kathy Weswick   Sept. 22, 2016

Hello Diocesan Secretaries,

Kathy Dahl, serving the Kamloops Diocesan Council.

Yvonne Harland, serving the Nelson Diocesan Council

Susan Steiner, serving the Prince George Diocesan Council

Louanne Richards, serving the Vancouver Archdiocesan Council

Daisy Mah, serving the Victoria Diocesan Council

Monica Laurer, serving the Whitehorse Diocesan Council

This is my first communication to you. I hope that I am able to provide you with guidance and information that will be useful to you.

I am a member of Sacred Heart Council in Victoria.  I am very fond of resolutions and community life, and read those communiques with much interest. I like to read, travel, curl, and garden. I am a retired nurse. I also am an active member of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. I live with my husband and sister-in-law. We have one child, Nicholas, who works and lives in Sechelt with his wife. He seems close enough to visit regularly, but it takes 6 hours to get to Sechelt. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve you in the League.


A previous secretary, now our Provincial President, Evelyn Rigby, has made us aware of the patron saints of secretaries. I quote:

1. Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr, whose feast day is November 25th. Venerated since the time of the Crusades, she was a woman of great erudition (knowledge – I looked it up).

2. Saint Genesius of Arles was an early fourth century martyr. His feast day is August 25th. Butler’s “Lives of Saints” describes him thus:

“…he was able at a single stroke to take down works and by the speed of his hand, to equal the rapidity of the discourse of an orator, and to render word for word abridged notes, the pleadings of counsel, the deposition of witnesses and the answers of the accused.” and all on a wax tablet.


I think that to do anything, a person needs some structure. And shopping can be fun. Do you need an envelope with a zipper to hold the mail that comes in, or a binder with a good pocket for outgoing mail, a flashy pen, a candle in honor of Our Lady, highlighters? I am going to get a good USB, and maybe that pen.


We have resources that describe what we do for our Council. Consider the Constitution and Bylaws page 22, the National Manual of Policy and Procedure, the Executive Handbook and the Handbook for Secretaries.   

Our National Secretary/Treasurer, Janet MacLean, would like to update the Handbook for Secretaries. As I would encourage you to read this Handbook, would you send some comments that might help her in her effort to do this? She would be glad to get these, or send them to me if it would be easier for you.

I am fond of the book, Leading the League. I find that it helps focus our attention. Right now, we should be considering marketing. And reporting comes up soon. There will be changes in the way that we report – stay tuned to your president. In addition, elections will be coming up soon; please forward me a copy of the changed parish and diocesan registers.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel pray for us in our efforts.

Together in Christ.

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