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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council

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  Contact Us for general information

Spiritual Advisor: Fr. Edwin Kulling                                      spiritualadvisor@bcyukoncwl.com

President: Evelyn Rigby                                                             president@bcyukoncwl.com

President-Elect/Organization:Gisela Montague                          organization@bcyukoncwl.com

Communications: Laura Esposito                                       communications@bcyukoncwl.com

Education and Health: Linda McClinton                                         edhealth@bcyukoncwl.com

Resolutions/1 st Vice President: Sharon Geiger                          resolutions@bcyukoncwl.com

Spiritual Development/2 nd Vice-Pres. Agnes Geiger                  spiritualdev@bcyukoncwl.com

Legislation: Blanca Stead                                                        legislation@bcyukoncwl.com

Christian Family Life: Susan Steiner                                                     cfl@bcyukoncwl.com

Secretary: Kathy Weswick                                                         secretary@bcyukoncwl.com

Treasurer: Suzanne Eng                                                            treasurer@bcyukoncwl.com

Past-President: Pat Deppiesse                                                    pastpres@bcyukoncwl.com

Community Life: Sharon Ciebin                                            communitylife@bcyukoncwl.com

Life Member Liaison: Barb Jarvis                                             lifemember@bcyukoncwl.com

Kamlooops Diocesan President: Sheila Doherty                       kamdiocpres@bcyukoncwl.com

Nelson Diocesan President: Sylvia Jurys                                   neldiopres@bcyukoncwl.com

Prince George Diocesan President: Carmen Foucher                    pgdiopres@bcyukoncwl.com

Vancouver Diocesan President: Roxanne MacDonald                  vandiopres@bcyukoncwl.com

Victoria Diocesan President: Maureen Ingram                            vicdiopres@bcyukoncwl.com

Whitehorse Diocesan President: Carol Vanderbyl                      whtdiopres@bcyukoncwl.com